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Poverty in the Philippines essay

Poverty in the Philippines essay

Living in poverty is a shocking state to be in, for the individual will not have fundamental needs required in their life. Half of the total populace makes due on a dollar daily, and keeping in mind that 10% of the Philippines populace controls all its riches and land, half are living below the poverty line.

Poverty in the Philippines essay

Poverty is caused by three principle things; lack of education, corruption and low wages (a poor economy).

1. Corruption

This leads poverty due to the fact that it removes from the citizen's budget and the country at large. The Philippines isn't an exceptionally poor nation, it is simply that the vast majority of its cash is being streamed into the pockets of the corrupt authorities as opposed to improving the nation. The cash could be used to build the nation and the lives of those poor people by giving clean water or more health facilities for instance. 

2. Lack of education

This causes poverty because people who are educated land a larger number of job opportunities than those without it. Thus, jobless individuals have no wage to live on and are below the poverty line. Likewise, their kids in all probability wouldn't have the capacity to go to class too, beginning an endless loop of a constantly poor family.

3. Low wages

This causes poverty since as a rule, individuals in poverty get wages that aren't sufficient to help them. Along these lines, they wouldn't have the capacity to bear the cost of essential needs, for instance, water, shelter, health services & food.

Poverty in the Philippines essay

Mitigations of Poverty in the Philippines essay

  • By avoiding corruption in the Philippines, it can have a proper budget, so that it can be used for the correct purposes to grow the nation's economy.
  • By having less expensive schools, the society is going to provide the future generations a chance to succeed & evacuate themselves from poverty later.

Having poverty is unjustifiable, uncalled for, and risky. The Philippines ought to avoid poverty since its people should be set free of it.


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