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pia wurtzbach boyfriend Marlon Stockinger

Despite rumors circulating on the internet of the breakup between 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and race car driver Marlon Stockinger, Pia Wurtzbach's boyfriend; all Pia and Marlon fanatics can breathe easy knowing that the love between them grows stronger by the day.
The couple, in a controversial move, unfollowed each other on Instagram.

pia wurtzbach boyfriend Marlon Stockinger We caught up with the hunk driver Marlon, in a recent interview in ABS-CBN, a Philippine television show, dated July 2017, this is what he had to say: “We're just keeping things a little private. We know that it is good for us and especially for the fans to see pictures of us. But,at the end of the day, what matters more is what happens behind closed doors”.
Marlon added that despite being as busy as ever in their respective carriers, the romance between them continues to burn, “We've learned to appreciate our alone moments together, by being a little more private. Days have been h…

mukesh ambani lifestyle

Do you like to keep yourself informed on who is the latest money making icon on the tabloids?
Good, let me now introduce you to the richest Indian who ranks 47 in the Forbes list of billionaires, he is none other than Mukesh Ambani.

This business mogul is the Managing Director and Chairman of the most valuable company in India known as Reliance Industries Limited with a net worth of $42 billion.And that is just an introduction so what about the lifesytle of Mukesh Ambani?

Mukesh ambani lifestyle The rich man Mukesh Ambani's lifestyle is a dream for most of us!
Do you know that his luxurious house exceeds some city skyscrapers because it has a whooping 27 floors and it even has a name, yes it is referred to as Antilia! Surprised? Don't be because I have more to tell you about the rich man Mukesh Ambani's lifestyle.

Mukesh ambani house His house costs over $1billion and it took a staggering 7 years to complete it.
In addition, Mukesh Ambani's expensive abo…

GSIS job vacancies

Headquarters of Government Service Insurance System is in Pasay-Pay,Philippine.The government institute generates close to $ 10 billion+ (USD) per year.
Most of the people interviewed here gave positive reviews such as good working experience,friendly co-workers and work environment that is conducive to learn and growth.

GSIS job vacancies Are you from school, recently graduated and looking for a job?.
Well,GSIS is looking for you. with GSIS, you will develop your skills,ability, and profession.
You will also undergo training and seminars that will help you develop your career.

Some of the training and seminars available at GSIS is Integrated loan Management,accounting using SAP system and many more. you will gain massive computer knowledge,how to manage your time well and how to handle people in the different situation.

Why GSIS job vacancies? The Government Service Insurance System provides opportunities for suppliers to bid on the various procurement needs of the pen…

lee min ho and suzy dating history

In what can be termed as the end of the road for a high profile relationship, Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy have parted ways.
The superstars' agencies, JYP Entertainment and MYM Entertainment representing Bae and Lee respectively confirmed the break up but remained tight lipped about further details.

lee min ho and suzy dating history
The popular lovebirds have been dating for 3 years since their much publicized announcement from London in March 2015. While in London, photos of them together surfaced and news reports indicated a thriving one month old relationship between the two who spent time driving around London.
Apparently, Lee, who was in France for a photo-shoot, flew to London to meet Suzy before they separately returned to South Korea.

lee min ho and suzy bae Lee, 30, made his debut on TV screens in 2009 when he featured in the Korean 'Hana Yari Dango' He however gained popularity after casting as Gu Jun-pyo in 'Boys Over Flowers' , a role that wo…

Who is Rachel Peters? Miss Universe 2017

The 66th Miss Universe beauty pageant is around the corner and we are already excited about the winner. The contest that is scheduled to be held on November 27, 2017 - in Las Vegas - has some of the most beautiful ladies from around the world betting on becoming the 66th Miss Universe.

This year, Philippines’ bet is Rachel Peters, who already has couple of accomplishments to her credit. However, here is some additional information that we managed to dig up about the star Rachel Peters. Rachel Peters Personal Life
Rachel Peters was born in Bahrain to Nigel Peter and Annie Obregon, and grew to be a beauty with brains, as also has a degree in Business, Tourism and Events from La Trobe University, Australia. However, she was not a Philippines national until the year 2015. When Peters enrolled as a candidate for Miss Universe, she was in relationship with the handsome Miguel Luis "Migz" Reyes Villafuerte; the current governor of Camarines Sur, who was once a model f…

Poverty in the Philippines essay

Living in poverty is a shocking state to be in, for the individual will not have fundamental needs required in their life. Half of the total populace makes due on a dollar daily, and keeping in mind that 10% of the Philippines populace controls all its riches and land, half are living below the poverty line.

Poverty in the Philippines essay
Poverty is caused by three principle things; lack of education, corruption and low wages (a poor economy).
1. Corruption This leads poverty due to the fact that it removes from the citizen's budget and the country at large. The Philippines isn't an exceptionally poor nation, it is simply that the vast majority of its cash is being streamed into the pockets of the corrupt authorities as opposed to improving the nation. The cash could be used to build the nation and the lives of those poor people by giving clean water or more health facilities for instance. 

2. Lack of education This causes poverty because people who are educate…