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Pinay Bold Star - Top 5

Pinay Bold Star


The road to stardom is trodden by many but as it turns out, it is not for the weak at heart and quitters. In as much as celebrity life is accentuated by glitz and glamour, few people acknowledge the fact that most of the celebrities have undergone uncountable negative criticisms, rejection and a tedious journey to achieve their celebrity status.
The celebrity arena in Philippines is home to hundreds of megastars armed with diverse talent and charm> Even though there are several stars who are born into stardom and find it easy scaling the fame ladder, it is important to acknowledge the fact that others have experience great hardship and have had to work hard to build their status.

 Pinay Bold Star - Top 5

 Coincidentally, many of the hottest Filipinostars scandals revolve around relationships, explicit romance escapades and indecent exposure involving deep and strong sexual undertones. The following celebrity review highlights some of the most famous persons and their associated scandals.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny is a famous Philippine boxer and arguably one of the best pound per pound boxer in the world’s boxing history. In as much as he desired to keep his life under wraps, Manny has severally been scrutinized by paparazzi exposing his clandestine lifestyle. In 2007, Manny was involved in an embassy scandal involving indecent acts where he was captured kissing and flirting with a random girl at the embassy in a drunken stupor. Well, at least he was able knock his way into a lady’s heart.

Pinay Bold Star

Katrina Halili

Katrina is undoubtedly a sexy Philippine vixen. Before becoming a famous actress, she worked at Starbucks. She bagged the Philippines’ sexiest woman award in the year 2006 and 2007 and even graced the covers of popular magazines such as FHM and Maxim Philippines. However, the release of her down and dirty sex tape with Hayden Kho really rocked the showbiz world. The source of the video is hitherto unknown.

Annie Curtis

Anne is a famous Philippine sex symbol who was reportedly caught up in an ugly incidence in a posh restaurant where she had allegedly hosted a bachelorette party for a friend. It is reported that the fracas resulted when someone apparently banged her door, although these claims cannot be verified considering people were under the influence of alcohol. In a drunken stupor she slapped an actor, John Lloyd Cruz and arrogantly told off another lady. Probably upon realization of the magnitude of her insolence, she later apologized upon gaining sobriety.

Pinay Bold Star
Angelica Panganiban

This megastar is known for her talent in ABS-CBN and for severally featuring in TV shows, movies and a box office hit titled A Love Story. Panganiban was however caught up in a photo scandal leaked on the internet, which had been captured in her dressing room immediately before a photoshoot. However, arguably, the biggest bone of contention came from the fact that these photos showed her exact natural self with noticeable traces of baby fat but the actual final photos were photo-shopped and contrasted greatly. Well, you don’t always get what you see.

Pinay Bold Star

Freddie Aguilar

This celebrity sparked an intense most talked about controversy in 2013. Freddie is a famous rock music icon and several people identity with his music. It however emerged that this rock star doesn’t only pluck at guitar strings when his itch fingers plucked a young lover for himself. The worst part is that this young lady was a minor and this could have led to a child molestation suit. Apparently, it proved hard to beat Freddie at this game since he converted to Muslim and married the minor as the religion allows such to happen.


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