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Paula Taylor. Thai VJ Model Conquers Philippine Showbiz

It seems that a lot of people are starting to notice Paula Taylor these days.

This Thai-born beauty is really getting around. She first came to the attention of many Pinoys during her stint in Amazing Race Asia reality TV game show with best buddy Natasha Monks. And although she was already a VJ for Channel V at that time, she was still an unknown entity to the Philippine entertainment public.

Paula Taylor. Thai VJ Model Conquers Philippine Showbiz

Paula Taylor. Thai VJ Model Conquers Philippine Showbiz

Not anymore, it seems. The movie-going public immediately warmed up to Paula Taylor as she starred with veteran funny man Vic Sotto in the film Love On Line (LOL). رجيم التمر واللبن The movie is already showing in theaters nationwide and is poised to become another box office hit for the evergreen Sotto. Paula even got a taste of Pinoy movie intrigue as rumors started up about Vic Sotto taking a liking to her. She denied all these and went on to claim that she is unattached as of the moment. The veteran actor’s current beau is Eat Bulaga co-host Pia Guanio, who in the same way denies any jealousy on her part.

Paula has appeared a number of times as a guest co-host on the top rating noontime show, and while a number of reports are circulating regarding a rift between her and Guanio, there was no obvious friction between both of the ladies on the set. Paula has already appeared on the same network’s weekend noontime variety show S.O.P. as a guest co-host as well.

Paula Taylor. Thai VJ Model Conquers Philippine Showbiz

Aside from LOL and her hosting stints on TV, Paula is also busy with other projects. She will feature in a music video with one of Philippine’s top balladeers Christian Bautista, who is launching his newest single, “Tell Me Your Name”.

Her obvious good looks and charming smile has not escaped the eyes of beauty product manufacturers who are always looking for that fresh new face to endorse their products. Paula is already an endorser for Myra-E’s “Looking Blooming” advertisement campaign. She is very comfortable in front of a camera and having been on the cover of various magazines in Asia, endorsing for a vitality product really comes naturally to her.

The thing that leaves most people wondering is her accent. This is really because though she was born in Thailand, her family moved to Australia almost immediately after she was born. Paula grew up in Perth and also lived in Brisbane. Her accent is really more Aussie than British, but it really does give another dimension to the VJ-turned actress.

As we all can see, it seems that Miss Taylor will be around for quite a while. She is already reported to be fascinated with our country and the people. In return, the Philippine public can’t get enough of her. And if all things go her way, her smiling face is destined to be on the Philippine landscape for a long, long time.


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